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EHT Alarms specialises in wireless IP CCTV systems and WiFi Networking in rural and remote areas such as camp sites, Agricultural sites and sites with multiple buildings.


We believe this is where EHT Alarms really separates itself from other companies that install CCTV camera systems. On any CCTV system the camera will need to send the video information back to the NVR system that records that information. Sometimes this can be very easy and trivial if the cameras are located in the same room or possibly the same building as the NVR. The farther the cameras are located from the NVR, the more difficult the connection gets. Most camera companies will not install cameras that extend past the building that the NVR is located inside.


EHT Alarms has extensive knowledge of wireless networking to enable camera connections from far reaching areas of your site back to the DVR. We currently use very high speed bi-directional radio devices that can transmit up to 300Mbps which in turn can handle true HD video streams from the cameras at the same time. This means that your cameras will not only work back to the NVR from a remote location, but that we are able to expand your camera system over time without having to continuously add capacity to the high speed links.


To the right is a diagram illustrating how a typical system would be set up to connect your cameras to your NVR. The high speed link which is illustrated in red arrow shows where a large distance is being covered to connect the cameras at the remote location. With this system in place as EHT Alarms has brought a high speed link out to this remote location this in turn will also provide a high speed internet from your network to this location also.


Should you just wish to have a wireless network in place then this option can also be used even if you do no require a CCTV system.

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Wireless Secured Networks in remote locations

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4mp IP ANPR & CCTV Camera transmitting from this building

360degree Receiver which is linked back to the NVR

Building A


Building A


Building B