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Fire extinguishers - essential life-saving equipment

Types of extinguisher and their uses:

Fire extinguishers are essential for the business and home, and in the case of commercial premises, you are legally obliged to ensure the correct models are in place. Fire extinguishers help to protect life and reduce damage to property and should not be overlooked. E.H.T Alarms provides installations in all areas of Buckinghamshire and beyond, from Aylesbury to Oxford, Crawley and Swindon.

•    Water (red): for paper, wood, plastic and other solids

•    Foam (cream): for paper, wood, plastic and flammable liquids such as paraffin, petrol and oil

•    Dry Powder (blue): for paper, wood, plastic etc. for flammable liquids, and for flammable gases such as propane and butane

•    Carbon Dioxide (black): for electrical fires

•    Wet chemical: for cooking oils and fats

Fire protection equipment suppliers

We also supply other forms of lifesaving and fire protection equipment, such as fire blankets, emergency lights and fire safety signs - all expertly installed and maintained for your convenience and added security.

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