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High quality fire alarms, installed as meets your needs

Personalised service:

It hardly needs reiterating that fire poses a serious risk to both property and life. Government regulations make it mandatory for any business to have a fully functioning fire alarm system, whilst private home owners are warned not to put their lives in jeopardy by neglecting to possess such essential, life-saving equipment in their properties.

•   Alarms may be linked in with intruder alarms for use of monitored fire brigade response

•   Interface unit can link in with lifts to return them to the ground

•   Fire doors automatically shut

•   Roof vents automatically open

•   Gas valves shut down

Experienced fire alarm engineers

Our fire alarm installers and engineers have more than 10 years of experience in the industry, being trained to Nacoss Gold standard.


Helping to protect properties and people from the damage done by fire, in High Wycombe, Hemel Hempstead, Reading and many more neighbouring locations.

Well-designed systems:

E.H.T Alarms' fire alarm systems are custom-designed for the utmost suitability to your site, whilst conforming to BS5839 part 1. Once installed, they will provide you with maximum protection, allowing you to respond as quickly as possible in the event of a fire.

Where fire is concerned, never take the risk.

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We also carry out installation of fire extinguishers for business premises.

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