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CCTV & security monitoring system installers

The benefits:

Whether for the home or for the workplace, CCTV is essential not only in crime prevention and detection, but in leading to successful prosecutions.


CCTV is proven to reduce crime in areas overlooked by a camera. Why not enquire further about this most important of deterrents?

•   We utilise the latest in CCTV technology

•   Our CCTV installers are tidy, professional and friendly

•   A proven deterrent to criminal activity

•   Custom CCTV security systems

Custom design, 24 hour remote viewing

In addition to your custom-designed CCTV network, you are given 24 hour monitoring opportunities. Our remote viewing systems allow you to check up on your property from anywhere in the world.


Based in High Wycombe, Reading, Wallingford, Aylesbury or anywhere in between? Call about our superior CCTV installations, at E.H.T Alarms.

Superior design:

The way you design your CCTV is of paramount importance. We employ our extensive knowledge to ensure the right equipment is fitted in the right places. What you receive is full CCTV coverage that will keep your property safer, and help to identify the persons involved should a crime take place.

Stay protected.

Stay alert.


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Where and for what is CCTV ideal?

•   Production lines

•   Car parks

•   Bars

•   Cash rooms

•   Entrance foyers

•   Number plate recording

•   Protecting your premises

•   Stables

•   Farms







close-up of a CCTV camera an outdoor CCTV camera

IP Cameras and HDTVI Cameras

The future generation of CCTV security has landed! IP and HDTVI camera technology is now here and ready to stay.

You now get HD Quality images which is far superior to

analogue technology which will not only give you crystal clear images making your CCTV system far more advanced but the most important factor to consider is that you will get proper facial recognition from the HD images

To find out more contact our dedicated team today and make sure you have the most up to date CCTV available.